Booking is now open for Coder Dojo Clonakilty Friday 25th May 2012!

First Coder Dojo in Clonakilty

First Coder Dojo in Clonakilty, picture by Bill Liao

It’s now official, after a very successful test session last Friday, Coder Dojo is starting with it’s first full session on Friday 25th May, from 6.30-8.30pm at the Quality Hotel. We think we will be in the upstairs function room, but check when you first arrive to be sure.

As demand is high and space may be limited, we are using a booking system. Click here to book for this week. You will need to book each week you want to attend and a new booking form will be available at the beginning of each week.

An important reminder of what you will need to attend:

  • A child 7/8 to 17 years of age
  • A laptop  – If you don’t have one, please try to borrow one. Your child can look on with a friend, but these are hands-on sessions so your child will not get as much out of it by just looking on. Before the session, please download the following programmes to your laptop: Scratch and Notepad++ . It will help if your laptop is fully charged and you bring an extension lead and a USB stick to save and share files, etc. 
  • A parent – A parent must attend for the entire session. This is important for child protection as well as to encourage your participation in learning with your child, whether you are computer literate or not.  Many parents get as much out of it as their children, either through learning more about computers, meeting other parents/mentors/supporters or seeing the joy of a child learning to create her first webpage. It also allows the mentors, who volunteer their time free of charge, to focus on mentoring.
  • You may wish to bring a drink for your child during the session, but we are encouraging you to purchase drinks and refreshments from The Quality Hotel as a show of thanks for providing this space at no charge and keeping the cafe open to accommodation us.
Contact if you have any questions.

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