Clonakilty Dojo for Friday 1st June 2012: Ping Pong Scratch Tutorial

scratch ping pong game imageAgain the Clonakilty Dojo is booked out — in about 3 hours from when the bookings opened.  We do regret that there are disappointed kids and parents, but we can only accommodate a certain number of attendees with the space and number of mentors available.  Booking opens each week at 6.30pm on Monday in hopes that  those that have missed out one week can attend the next. Click here for the Eventbrite Booking Page.

This week Margaret has put together a tutorial for a Scratch Ping Pong game.  View/download the tutorial as a PDF: PING PONG GAME_Tutorial

For those working on their own webpages, I will be taking them through the next step of adding style using CSS. We hope there will be another mentor available to work with any attendees that are moving along more quickly, especially the few secondary school students that are coming.

If anyone has anything else that they’d like to do a presentation on, or an area they can mentor on, we are interested in hearing your ideas. For example: NASA Astronaut Dan Tani will be at the Kinsale Dojo this Friday.  If anyone knows an astronaut please invite him or her along 🙂


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