News from Coder Dojo Clonakilty – We Need Mentors and more!

ImageNeed Mentors Dojos Do!

Due to various events last week we only had one experienced mentor for HTML/CSS.  Brian did a brilliant job, but we need to a get a couple more mentors experienced in HTML/CSS so that we can be sure to have at least 2 every week.  3 a week would even be better.

We would also love to have mentors that are experienced in coding Javascript, Python, etc. for the kids that are ready to move on from Scratch and HTML into making their own games and apps.  Graphic Designers and other those experienced in other areas of IT would also be great mentors.

Tutorial from 8th June 2012

In last Friday’s Dojo in Clonakilty, the kids were working on the Fish Game in Scratch. Click here to download the tutorial as a PDF.

Upcoming Dojo, 15th June 2012

Booking for the next Clonakilty Dojo, 15th June 2012, opens tonight at 6.30pm.  Make sure you book in early as it usually books out within a few hours. Click here to Book via the Eventbrite website.

Thanks to our Supporters

We once again want to thank the Quality Hotel for being very generous with the space on a weekly basis.  We also want to thank the parents that have given extra time to help out and mentor, but especially Trevor who printed out a number of tutorials for us, Fenella who has given the Dojo some extension cords, Pat who is providing a sound system and Darren who has provided some USB keys with necessary programmes already loaded on them. We are lucky to have a great group of parents that got the Dojo going and are making it work so well week after week!


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