Clonakilty CoderDojo to hold First ‘Expo’ on 7th December 2012

Sean Kelly MEP

Sean Kelly MEP, who will attend the Clonakilty Coder Dojo Expo 7th December 2012

Clonakilty CoderDojo will be holding the first CoderDojo Expo on Friday 7th December 2012 at The Quality Hotel.

The children in the Dojo have been working hard over the past few months on creating their very own games and websites.  The Expo is an opportunity to show what they have achieved to their extended families and invited guests, including local business people and community representatives.

As well as celebrating the achievements of the children, the night will also be about thanking those that make sessions possible each week — the mentors who provide their valuable time free of charge and David Henry of The Quality Hotel for providing a great space for the Dojo each week.

The event, sponsored by SouthWestern, an international business that is based in Clonakilty at the West Cork Technology Park, is an opportunity to show more local businesses and IT professionals what CoderDojo is about in an effort to urge more to participate as mentors and in other support roles.

On the night Bill Liao, CoderDojo Co-Founder, will present each child with a CoderDojo USB wrist band and a Certificate to commemorate his or her achievement.  The wrist bands have been sponsored by Clonakilty Chamber of Commerce and the Certificates are being provided by High Resolution Printer Cartridges & Office Supplies, also based in Clonakilty.

The Organisers are most pleased that Sean Kelly, MEP of the Year for Research and Innovation, will be in attendance.  Sean Kelly was present at the CoderDojo Conference in Limerick in the Autumn to announce that there will be a session of CoderDojo in the European Parliament in Brussels in January — similar to the session held in the Dáil to commemorate the anniversary of the founding of CoderDojo. Perhaps a few of the Clonakilty attendees will be able to attend the EU Dojo.

This will be the last session of the Clonakilty Dojo for 2012.  Session will start back on 18th January 2013.  Booking will open before then.   Those that have attended before will receive an email to advise when the booking opens.  If you are new, just watch this space.


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