Quality Hotel Clonakilty & CoderDojo – a perfect combination!

What a wonderful endorsement we received from the Quality Hotel in Clonakilty this week. We are incredibly fortunate to have the Quality Hotel as our venue each week for CoderDojo and we are immensely grateful to David Henry, Irene O’Callaghan and all the team at the Quality for their continued support.

“The Quality hotel is in a winning location. Clonakilty is Ireland’s first fair-trade town, a tidy town and a European Destination of Excellence. More than this, it is unique for pursuing quirky initiatives and unique festivals with a community spirit that is unrivalled.

When the local CoderDojo group came to the hotel to convince us to provide them with a meeting room facility once a week, we were intrigued. Coder what? “Lots of young people writing code”. Right…hmmm…well…that sounds lovely???

So a bit of research later, we were a little more intrigued but convinced and we decided let’s give it a try.
Now two years later, we welcome the familiar sight of young children and adults arriving on a Friday evening, laptops in hand. They bring a vibe to the hotel, a slightly crazy sort of buzz that something exciting is happening!

Mums and Dads chat over a cup of coffee while watching, still slightly mesmerised, as their kids make it look so easy, writing code and completing projects that are so clever, so cool.

The CoderDojo team have produced our Christmas ecard, given us brilliant exposure on twitter and other social media channels and we are now working together to develop an app for the hotel to promote our special offers. On a Friday evening when the CoderDojo meeting is done, some families enjoy a meal in the hotel and the discussions and creativity continue. Our hotel tagline is “We’re big on the little things” and CoderDojo couldn’t be a truer ambassador of this.”


On behalf of all the CoderDojo kids, mentors and parents that attend CoderDojo each week at the Quality Hotel we would like to say THANK YOU SO MUCH!!


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