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Tinkercad Badge Guide

Tinkercad is now open to users of all ages

Tinkercad is now open to users of all ages. Any user can now create their own Tinkercad account! For our younger users, you can create your very own account and have the adult in your life approve and moderate your access. For those TinkerTeachers out there, that means you can now use it in your classroom. This is one of the biggest asks from the Tinkercad Community and we are happy to make this announcement!

New login process

As a result of Tinkercad now being open to all ages, there have been some changes to the login process. You may have noticed a little change in the Tinkercad log-in process – we are now using Autodesk 123D accounts. Details regarding the new process are available here.

Badges Available to Earn Today!

Once your CoderDojo Ninjas have completed their Tinkercad and Tinkercoding projects you can award them their digital badges via Credly. Read about how to award digital badges here.

Autodesk Tinkercad Badge


Download badge here.


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